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Peter Franchot's Indiana Jones fantasy: Fulfilled

We think we know what Peter Franchot will be next year for Halloween.

Just a guess, but Maryland's Comptroller seems to have a bit of an Indiana Jones fantasy -- one that he lived out Sunday morning in a weighty special section delivered with The Baltimore Sun.

The 184-page publication features a grinning Franchot on the cover, trying to look as Harrison Ford-y as possible. There's the Indiana Jones whip in one hand, what looks to be an artificact in the other and atop his head, of course, is the archeologist's signature fedora.

The tie and trenchcoat he's also wearing, however, seem a bit more "Annapolis" than "wilds of Brazil."

Atop the picture, written in a font like the "Indiana Jones" movies uses, are the words: Comptroller Peter Franchot invites you to be a DISCOVERER of unclaimed property."

Now there are discoveries and there are discoveries.

Flipping through more than one hundred newsprint pages to see if you've got an unclaimed bank account is, on the heirarchy of discoveries, a bit more like finding a balled up $20 in jeans you're taking out of the washer. It's not exactly finding the lost arc. Or even running out of a cave with an artifact as a giant boulder rolls after you, angry natives shoot poison arrows at you and an competing adventurer attempts to steal your loot.

But, to Peter Franchot unclaimed bank accounts are swashbuckling stuff.

He does, to be fair, point out that the list includes more than $50 million in unclaimed money.