Driver catches a typo on I-95 sign that had gone unnoticed for months

Misspelled 'Patapsco River' sign on I-95 removed, to be replaced by spring, thanks to Hampden motorist.

One Hampden resident gets some serious props for noticing a typo we've all missed for months.

Chris Boyle was driving on Interstate 95 one morning last week when he noticed a sign for the Patapsco River was misspelled. Instead, it said "Patapasco River."

"It seems the [State Highway Administration] went for the Baltimore pronunciation of the river," joked Boyle in an email, adding that he didn't know how long the sign had been misspelled.

The State Highway Administration removed the sign Thursday after being contacted for comment by The Baltimore Sun. 

"SHA would like to thank the motorist for making us aware of the misspelling," spokesman Charlie Gischlar wrote in an email.

Contractor P. Flanigan & Sons Inc. manufactured and installed the sign last summer on I-95 between the Howard County line and U.S. Route 1 in Baltimore County, Gischlar said. He clarified that the misspelling was made on SHA's plans.* 

A new sign with the correct spelling will be installed by spring, he said.

*This story was updated on April 12, 2017 to include Gishlar's updated comment on the misspelling of the sign.

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