O'Malley's March plays White House gig -- now with pictures to prove it

O'Malley's March plays the White House
(Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images))

They say Martin O'Malley has designs on the White House. And he seems to have made himself at home there one night this week.

Maryland's governor and his Irish rock band O'Malley's March scored a pretty big there Tuesday night, getting to play as part of a White House celebration for Irish Prime Minister Edna Kenny. (This after two shows Saturday night at Baltimore's Creative Alliance.)

As the Sun's John Fritze reported earlier, O'Malley and his band set up in the stately East Room in front of about 200 people in green ties and shawls. O'Malley's green guitar fit the theme.

What the gov did not have is one of his famous sleeveless T-shirts that he used to wear when he'd play with the band during his mayoral days. He and the rest of the band wore White House-appropriate staid suits -- which kinda sobered the rock vibe a bit. (See a few classic O'Malley's March pictures in the photo gallery.)

Fritze said the White House pool reporter that night, Bobby Caina Calvan of The Boston Globe, couldn't exactly see the O'Malley play because of the crowd. But he could hear. "The governor and his Celtic rock band seemed to be doing a fair job at entertaining the crowd," he reported.

Only fair? Tough customer.

The Washington Post's John Wagner had an anonymous ear in the room, supplying a few more details.

According to Wagner, the band played five songs, some of the governor's originals and "the Green and Red of Mayo" by one of O'Malley's favorite bands, The Saw Doctors.

And -- Wagner had a tidbit of dirt on the part everyone wants to know: Did Obama hear O'Malley sing?

It's not exactly clear. However! The president seemed to hint that he had.

According to Wagner's source, the president alluded to O'Malley's show later in the evening, saying "they say the curse of the Irish, as the governor knows, is not that they don't know the words to a song, it's that they know them all."

Colm O'Comartun, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association, Tweeted a photo of the show that shows O'Malley and the band kind of squeezed into a corner of the ornate room, playing under a grand crystal chandalier and in front of heavily draped curtains.

We'll see if O'Malley has a chance to test the acoustics in any other White House rooms.....