Michael Voltaggio
(Photo by Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images for Flaunt)

Michael Voltaggio is letting his fans pretend that one of his recipes is their own.

Priceless, right?


Through a promotion with AT&T called "Gifts That Money Can't Buy," the celebrity chef and "Top Chef" champ, raised in Frederick, has agreed to let people send an e-card featuring one of his recipes.

The Voltaggio recipe is just one option people can choose from. There's a joke from comedian Richard Lewis, a fashion top from Joan Rivers, a guitar solo from Richie Sambora and a longing look from Luke Perry.

The recipe is arguably the coolest option because you do get a real recipe from Voltaggio, who's now based in Los Angeles.

Insider tried it, sending herself a card. Sure enough, several seconds later it popped up in her inbox, a "Secret Family Recipe." It was Voltaggio's Rosemary Pine Nut Pineapple Upside-Down Cake -- but listed as her very own creation ("ghostwritten" by Voltaggio.)

Procrastinators with foodie fans on your holiday list -- what are you waiting for?


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