New Franchot tax-free promo parodies DirecTV ads

Don't let it happen to you
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, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot is trying his hand at making parody videos.

No, he's not joining


But he has reworked the popular and rather silly DirecTV "Don't Let This Happen to You" ads.

To promote the state's week where people can shop without sales tax, Franchot just released a video on YouTube and to make sure people saw it, sent out a press release with this headline: Comptroller Video Encourages Marylanders to Shop Maryland Tax-Free or Face the Consequences.


The minute-long video follows the DirecTV script, following a character as his life unravels because he made a wrong choice -- in this case, because he didn't shop during tax-free week. You might recognize the faces of a few state officials.

Here's the gist:

"When you don't shop for clothes during Maryland's tax free week, you won't have money for your date.

When you don't have money for your date, you're forced to eat in.

When you're forced to eat in, she'll meet your roommate.

When she meets your roommate, he'll sweep her off her feet.

And when he sweeps her off her feet, you try to win her back.

When you try to win her back, you smuggle cigarettes to make money.

When you smuggle cigarettes to make money, you get arrested.

When you get arrested, you go to jail.

Don't go to jail. Shop Maryland tax free."

"Don't let that happen to you," Franchot says in the spot, grinning widely.


"I don’t always have the opportunity to show the lighter side of my agency," Franchot said in the release, "but when I do I embrace the chance, and, I’d personally like to thank Anne Arundel County Sheriff Ron Bateman and Montgomery County Delegate Craig Zucker for their cameos."

Tax-free week, by the way, runs Aug. 12-18. Clothes and shoes that cost under $100 won't be taxed.

Watch Franchot's video here:


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