Amorous Hampden cat finds true love -- and a great Christmas sweater

Amorous Hampden cat finds true love -- and a great Christmas sweater
Not long ago, he was a sidewalk Lothario. Now Cat Stevens has been neutered and wears Christmas sweaters. (Courtesy of Kylie Thompson)

A few weeks ago, he was a lovestruck tom cat caterwauling in front of a Hampden shop, hoping for a taste of canned food and a glimpse of Mrs. Puff, the haughty shop window she-cat.

Now, he is Cat Stevens, beloved pet of a Bolton Hill couple and wearer of Christmas sweaters.


"He just wants to put his face in your face and just be cuddled," says Kylie Thompson, 24, of her new pet.

Thompson and her boyfriend Jason Perrotti, 26, had been talking about adopting a cat for a while when they spotted Cat Stevens' photo on Facebook.

The cat -- who was nameless back then -- was a stray who had been paying court to Mrs. Puff, the pampered feline who sits in the front window of Kiss N' Makeup on the Avenue.

Owner Debra Stoll, who has rescued many cats, had made plans to get the little Lothario neutered and vaccinated and was hoping to find him a loving home.

The couple came down to the shop about two weeks ago to meet the cat, but he was distracted by Mrs. Puff at first.  She, as is her custom, ignored his advances.

The cat then decided to settle for some human affection.

He curled up in Thompson's lap and it was her turn to fall in love.

"I said to Jason, 'We have to adopt this cat,'" she said.

A of couple days later, after a trip to the vet for a minor surgery, the cat came home to Thompson and Perrotti's apartment.

The couple named him Cat Stevens after one of their favorite musicians.

Now, Cat Stevens spends his days chasing a laser pointer beam, batting a toy fish and snuggling.

The couple has taken many pictures of him napping and stretched out languorously.

They also dressed him in a Christmas sweater, which seemed to be a blow to his spirit.

Thompson posted the sweater picture to Reddit with the caption: "Had no idea sweaters resulted in the saddest, defeated cat emotions."


Sometimes, Thompson says, Cat Stevens gazes wistfully out the window, as if wondering how his life has changed so much in such a short time.

Why has he felt so different since that trip to the vet? And where, oh where, is Mrs. Puff?