Mitt Romney: Stiff? Unzipped? Jon Stewart joke has Baltimore roots

Mitt Romney, zipped

Jon Stewart was having some fun Tuesday with the seemingly tepid endorsement some leading Republicans have bestowed upon Mitt Romney.

He pointed to the one where John McCain called him the wrong name. Another from former New York Gov. George Pataki who added a string of qualifiers including: "Mitt is not a perfect candidate. He has a number of problems...."


With such flat praise, Stewart joked, "It's like, 'I like Ike' would have been 'Ike's fine.' Or Reagan's 'optimistic morning in America' would have been 'yeah, it's time to get up.'"

"Can anybody out there offer a strong unequivicobale endorsement of Mitt Romney," the"Daily Show"host asked, leading to the reason why this is worth noting in Baltimore.

He cut to an interview from Baltimore's "The C4 Show" where host Clarence M. Mitchell IV was interviewing Romney's wife Ann.

"Sometimes he appears stiff." C4 told Ann Romney. "Do you have to fight back like, 'My husband isn't stiff, ok.'"

She laughed and replied: "Well, ah, you know, I guess, I guess, we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out cause he is not."


Politics 101. Never say "unzipped." Especially after someone has just said "stiff."

"You're not helping," Stewart deadpanned.

The comment also lead to headlines like this one on Fox Nation:" Stiff Mitt Just Needs To Be Unzipped, Says His Wife"

And this one on Toxichominid: "Ann Romney: The Real Mitt Romney Unzipped Is Totally Not Stiff"


Watch the clip: