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Michael Phelps Visa ad might give you goosebumps

Visa's new Olympic-themed ad starring Michael Phelps just might give America a case of the shivers. Fair warning.

First of all, it's got the voice of Morgan Freeman who can induce goosebumps by reading the telephone book. But the film-work is also quite stunning, illustrating the concept of one hundredth of a second -- the amount of time that allowed Phelps to bring eight medals home from the 2008 Olympics.


"One hundredth of a second is faster than the blink of an eye," Freeman says. "Faster than a flash of lightning..... just think of the cheers if lightning strikes twice."

In addition to the Phelps footage, there's a nice slow-motion shot of mom Debbie Phelps and sister Hilary Phelps going wild in the stands.


This is only the latest Phelps endorsement deal to hit the airwaves and print in the March toward the London Olympics. The Subway ad he stars in with his mother has been in rotation for a while now. And there's his spot for Head & Shoulders shampoo.

He's also the latest

Details cover boy

and recently appeared in Men's Journal.

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