Michael Phelps isn't medaling in sexy

Though it might be difficult for true Phelps Phans to swallow, the Olympian might not be bringing home the gold in "sexy" at this summer's Olympics.

At least according to the New York Times.

The paper says that Phelps' nemesis Ryan Lochte has cornered the market on Olympic good looks.

In a story headlined "The Making of an Olympic Sex Symbol," the Times pronounces Lochte "this Olympics' all-American swim hunk."

"With his twinkling blue eyes, aquiline nose and dimpled smile, Mr. Lochte, 27, is being groomed to be a breakout Olympic superstar," the paper says. "Calling him a sex symbol is hardly a stretch."

And here's the thing, Phelps people, the paper doesn't just flatter Lochte -- it gives him the gold directly in comparison to Phelps.

"Mr. Phelps, with 16 medals to date, needs just three more Olympic medals to have the most in the history of the Summer Olympics. And yet Mr. Lochte is emerging as the bigger story, marketing experts say," the story says, pointing out his photo shoot with Lil Wayne, his appearance on the cover of Vogue -- even his possession of a catch phrase: "Jeah!"

That's "yeah" with a "j." How can Phelps possibly top that?

The Times then quotes a top marketing exex saying Phelps is yesterday's news, lukewarm to Lochte's sizzle.

"We're a little Phelps'd out," Bob Dorfman told the paper, adding about Lochte. "He has potential for winning golds, and then just the fact that he's so damn good-looking. If he can't beat Michael Phelps in anything else, he can beat him in that category."

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