Michael Phelps doesn't want your Words With Friends request

No Words With Phelps
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For a few moments this weekend, the world thought they had a chance to go head to head with Michael Phelps -- on Words With Friends, that is.

The Olympian accidentally revealed his screen name for the game, sending it out to his nearly 200,000 Twitter followers.

And just like that, he had about 200,000 requests to play on the game.

So many coming in every couple of seconds that he could barely touch his phone without it beeping.

"I can't even hit a button on my fone because there's to many games starting...," he Tweeted on Sunday. "Sorry guys... I'm gonna have to delete my accnt and then maybe I'll do a trivia game or soemthing to be able to play some fans."

It is fun to think that as he gears up for the Olympic trials this week, Phelps is working out mentally, too, joining the likes of Alec Baldwin as celebrities who are addicted to the Scrabble-like word game.

A bit later Sunday, Phelps decided to throw all those disappointed Words fans a bone.

"For my mistake that I made and sent my wwf name out... Ill do this...," he said. "Who ever sends me tweet with a pic of your personal highest point total for a word gets a game... Top two scores get it..."

One fan said he'd won 114 points with the word "java."

Another had "zinc" for 111 points.

Someone else sent a screen shot of a game where both players had scores of several hundred points.

One apparently has to be competitive to play anything with Phelps.

The winners who get to play Phelps were a woman named Sarah Starnovsky from Australia
who played "quai" for 147 points and someone who goes by "Melody" from Oregon who played "squarer" for 162 points.. I hope they let us know how the games go....



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