Michael Phelps becomes punchline of New York City marathon joke

Sure, it's his sisters in the race, but Michael Phelps has become the punchline of New York City's running marathon joke.

Because of extensive damage to Manhattan from Hurricane Sandy -- including flooding and continuing power outages -- many folks think this weekend's New York Marathon should have been canceled.


But the race is on -- with Michael Phelps' sister Whitney running the marathon and sister Hilary Phelps taking on the 5K.

And the critics have started a joke that's been passed on -- and on and on -- all day Friday on Twitter.

Here it is: So they're running the New York Marathon this weekend. The early favorite? Michael Phelps.

Get it? Because of all the water.

Even actor Morgan Freeman passed on the witticism.


Michael is not running but will be cheering on his sisters.

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UPDATE:   We know that the marathon is now not taking place, but, yes, we still like the joke.