Meet the Ravens' most fashionable fan: Wes Henson, 'Captain Dee-Fense'

Fan fashion

When the NFL and Nike assembled the 32 most stylish fans of pro football, we probably should have guessed Baltimore -- with some of the most passionate fans around -- would stand out.

But maybe not this much.

Nike and the NFL chose Wes Henson of Waldorf as the Ravens' most fashionable fan and flew him and the other winners to New York for a top-model-esque photo shoot. When you see Henson with the rest of the crew (see group photo to left of this post) -- supposedly all the top in fan fashion from all those other teams -- you'll see Ravens pride in action. Hands down, he's the standout.

Henson -- those with season tickets might recognize him as Captain Dee-Fense -- won by outfitting himself in his traditional gameday gear. There's his Ray Lewis jersey, with a jacket on top made dangerous with shoulder spikes, highway patrolman shades and his purple-hued officer's hat.

He says it's a look he came up with himself, one that over the years he's added on to and perfected.

"Judging from all the people that wanted my pictures that weren't even Ravens fans I think they liked it," he said. "They were like, 'I don't who you are but I need to get a picture of you.'"

Henson had quite a time getting the star treatment in New York.

He not only got to mingle and take pictures with pro players like Gale Sayers, Shaun Alexander, Rod Smith, Willie Brown and Rob Burnett, he got to ask NFL Commissioner Roger S. Goodell a question. (He asked what Goodell thought about replacement officials. See -- he's a serious fan... into the nitty-gritty.)

Henson was also pretty happy with the bag of Nike goodies he got to bring home.

"They got us a lot of swag," he said happily.

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