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Marilyn Mosby, prosecutor in Freddie Gray case, made an early court appearance -- on 'Judge Judy'

The college student, a model of poise, pleads her case to Judge Judy:

A neighbor trashed her apartment while she was away on summer break, knocking down the door, leaving cigarette burns on the walls, a "disgusting" mess in the bathtub.


Judge Judy's eyebrows practically fly off her forehead as she listens to the facts of the case.  She rules for the plaintiff, a young woman with a cardigan tied around her shoulders.

That young woman is none other than Marilyn James, the future Mrs. Mosby, who would one day become the State's Attorney for Baltimore City.


A spokeswoman for the state's attorney's office confirmed that the youthful plaintiff was Mosby.

Mosby, of course, drew national attention this month when she announced charges against six officers in the death of Freddie Gray, a West Baltimore man who suffered a severe spinal cord injury in police custody.

Mosby, 35, would have been a student at Tuskegee University in 2000, when the episode was filmed.

And she certainly pleads her case effectively.

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The television judge, her lace collar fluttering with indignation, awards the young woman the $1731.90 she sought in damages.

"I feel like there's finally some justice served," James tells the camera after the verdict.

"I tried to speak to the DA. I spoke to police officers," she says. "Judge Judy ... she finally gave me justice."



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