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Look for Baltimore native on season premiere of 'Parks and Recreation'

The Baltimore Sun

A Baltimore native and aspiring actress might have scored her break with a part on the season opener of "Parks and Recreation."

Watch for Lauren White when the show airs at 9:30 tonight on NBC. She's playing the part of Lacey.

"I am definitely excited," White told Insider. "It really was an honor to work on such a hilarious show."

White, who's 30, grew up on Harvey Street in Locust Point, moved for a stint to Montgomery County and then to Westminster where she graduated from North Carroll High School. She went to Western Maryland College.

She launched her acting career with an online comedy series of short sketches called "Little Bits." She also got work as a re-enactor on "America’s Most Wanted," and in training films and commercials.

"I aspire to work regularly on a sitcom so shooting 'Parks and Rec' was fantastic," she said. "The crew was great and the shoot was fun. Here's to many more."

Although the role of Lacey isn't supposed to be a recurring one, White says there's a chance she could be back, depending on which way certain story lines head.

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