Katy Perry at Naval Academy
(Katy Perry Twitter)

Singer Katy Perry might have done a service for her country by giving a concert for the Annapolis Naval Academy the other day.

But she gave one midshipman a little more -- a kiss right on the lips.

The proudly smooched one was a happy-looking fellow named Nicholas "Tanner" Beasley.

The singer gave the private show for the Naval Academy on Friday. The lip lock came while Perry, dressed in a midriff-baring, quite short, sequined sailor outfit, had Beasley on stage -- while his peers hooted, whistled and otherwise went wild.

Since then, the kiss, captured on video, has made it to You Tube -- and to network television. Last night the celebrity gossip show "Entertainment Tonight" aired the clip, along with a Skype interview with Mr. Kissy Face.

At the concert, with Beasley on stage, Perry tells him, "I like a nice crisp crease," pointing at his trousers.

She asks how old he is. When he replies something that sounds like "20," she says, "Is this legal?" to more approval from the audience. "Well," she adds, "I'm a little bit older than you but I can be your Mrs. Robinson."

She asks him if he knows "that iconic pose," "when they're all getting off the ships and stuff." She then assumes the position to be dipped, leans back, and allows the midshipman to lay a kiss -- a lengthy one -- right on her mouth.

Word was, it was a French style.

Beasley, interviewed by Entertainment Tonight Monday evening, was fine with a little kiss and tell. "She was a great kisser," he said. "And I can only hope she does it again sometime."

Watch the kiss on Youtube below:

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