Julia Louis-Dreyfus back in Baltimore and eating out

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Baltimore
(Courtesy Fadra Nally)

One Baltimore woman eating out for her birthday got an extra treat when one of her favorite actresses, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, sat down at the next table.

"OMG," Tweeted blogger Fadra Nally, who was turning 42 and celebrating at Cinghiale in Harbor East. "I'm out for my birthday dinner in downtown Baltimore and JULIA LOUIS DREYFUS just sat at the table next to me!!!!!"

The actress returned to town last weekend to resume filming her HBO show "VEEP."

Nally, who was out with her husband, watched out of the corner of her eye as Louis-Dreyfus, in a party of three, sat down and slipped on some glasses to read the menu. She peeked to watch the actress have a martini. And was a little thrilled to see that she ordered just what Nally picked -- the spinach salad to start and the chicken entree.

"Apparently I'm on the celebrity diet," Nally joked to Insider, adding that at one point Louis-Dreyfus did do the figure conscious move of pushing away the bread basket (after having some) and saying, "Somebody get this away from me."

Despite suggestions from her friends that she break into the Elaine dance (see vintage "Seinfeld" if you don't know what that is), Nally resisted. Though she at least wanted to say hi and found an in while the actress was waiting for dessert.

"I kept saying I've got to say something," Nally said, explaining how she went over to Louis-Dreyfus and said, "I don't want to be that annoying fan, but..."

The actress was friendly and accommodating -- not only wishing Nally a happy birthday, but agreeing to pose for a picture with her.

"I told her I've been a fan since 'Saturday Night Live' -- not that I'm trying to make you feel old," Nally said. "And she said, 'I am old.'"

After dinner Nally had something else for Twitter: "@OfficialJLD ... Sorry if I was that annoying fan that ruined your dinner."


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