John Waters hitchhiking adventure continues with wild ride to California

Where in the world is John Waters?
(Brett Bidle)

Another bit of the increasingly oddball John Waters hitchhiking mystery has been revealed.

We knew the filmmaker started his cross-country adventure in Baltimore. And we knew a touring indie band had picked him up in Ohio. We also knew a married couple helped ferry him from Kansas to Denver. But we had no idea -- until now -- how Waters made it from here to the Buckeye State ... and beyond.

The Frederick News-Post helped clear that up today with a crazy story that details how a Myersville, Maryland councilman named Brett Bidle spent four delicious hours in the car with Waters in Maryland, dropped him in Ohio, and then, defying belief, hooked up with the director again further west.

Bidle, who's 20, thought he was just picking up a homeless guy until he Googled later and realized he had Waters in his car. Waters actually told him who he was early on, but apparently Bidle didn't quite buy it.

According to a story on Gazette.net by Ryan Marshall, Bidle found Waters on Route 17, standing in the rain near a Burger King.

Bidle said he was on his way to Joplin, Missouri to help with the rebuilding effort there following last year's tornado.

"How often does somebody pick up a stranger who turns out to be a famous person?" he told the paper.

Before Bidle left Waters in Ohio, the director told him he planned to make a layover in Denver. Bidle decided to go to Denver, too, where as luck had it, they happened to be booked at the same hotel.

Apparently bonding in a big way, the young councilman offered Waters another ride -- taking him to Utah where they stopped in Salt Lake City, and then on to Reno, Nev., where they parted ways. Bidle says Waters, wanting to wring as much adventure from his trip as possible as he's planning to write a book, insisted on finding another ride to get him to San Francisco, the end-leg of the trip where he has an apartment.

But there's more.

Bidle says before Waters left, he gave him the key to his San Francisco pad. So yesterday -- Wednesday -- they met up there and Waters offered him a tour of the city.

Is there anything else to say but wow?

Wow. Wow. Wow.


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