Jimmy Kimmel tests whether O'Malley is 'least recognizable' candidate

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley hasn't been doing great in the polls, and the former Maryland governor got another lackluster result Wednesday, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel.

“Martin O’Malley, I would guess, is probably the least recognizable of all the candidates that they let on TV,” Kimmel said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday night, just days after O’Malley appeared in the Democratic town hall debates in Iowa. “But maybe not. Maybe more people know him that I think.”
So naturally, Kimmel had to test his theory out — man-on-the-street style.
The TV host sent his camera crew out to Hollywood Boulevard with a picture of O’Malley to find out just how many people could recognize the politician.

Out of the 20-plus pedestrians shown taking a stab at identifying O'Malley, only one person got it right. (Kimmel later called her "the one smart person in California.")

Though most of the survey participants were wrong, their guesses were at least amusing. The best ones included Al Gore, John Wayne, “that guy from the ‘King of Queens’ show” and “John Kerry, duh.”
Close, but no cigar.

The woman who recognized O'Malley was invited to the show's audience.


"Well, maybe he does have a shot," Kimmel said.