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James Franco coming to Hopkins but he has no time for you

Actor James Franco, he of the dark good looks and "127 Hours" fame is coming to Baltimore Friday.

But, before you get any big ideas and think this is your big chance to ask him out for drinks or attempt a marriage proposal -- forget it.

Officials arranging his visit told The Baltimore Sun that we better not even think about trying to interview him. Why? Because he's very important, very Hollywood and very, very busy. Their exact words? "A chance at an interview is slim to none."

Franco is coming to John's Hopkins University where they're having a viewing of his movie "The Broken Tower" at 2 p.m. at Shriver Hall on the Homewood Campus. He'll be participating in a panel discussion with John Irwin, who wrote "Hart Crane's Poetry," which Johns Hopkins Press published.

The movie, shot in black and white, is described on IMBD as "A biography of American poet Hart Crane who committed suicide at the age of 32 by jumping off the steamship SS Orizaba." IMBD also lists the keywords of the movie as "poet," "suicide," "gay man has sex with a woman" and "oral sex in car." If that gives anyone a better sense of it.

Franco wrote the screenplay while studying at New York University basing it on a biography of Crane by Paul Mariani.

"The Broken Tower" was shown at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival. A critic from Hollywood Reporter -- about the only critic to review it so far, according to Rotten Tomatoes, panned it as: it's mostly a tedious chore, much akin to listening poetry you don't much like."


But if anyone who goes gets any time with Franco, let us know how it goes. We'll post any firsthand accounts. Especially if there are marriage proposals involved.

UPDATE: Just heard from a reader who thinks we might be overestimating Franco's unavailability.

Anonymous reader writes:

"Cynical much?  You are lucky he is coming at all....

Maybe no press interviews but after the panel, he always makes time for his fans for autographs and pic So perhaps you press types will be left out, but if he has any time at all, he will meet the fans.  He is one of the most generous and available celebs out there.

Your tone in the story makes me think he turned you down for a drink or marriage proposal..."