Is Carmelo Anthony cheating on La La?

La La Anthony. Cheated on?
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Heart Truth)

When you accuse your man of cheating, what better way to do it than on TV?

La La Vasquez doesn't mess around.

But Melo, well, she thinks he just might be.

Fans of the Baltimore-raised basketball star are all a-twitter this week after La La dropped a bit of a bomb on Monday's episode of her VH1 show, "La La's Full Court Life."

Approaching one of her husband's assistants -- a young, attractive, single one -- La La throws down a little, ""I just want to know: Are you messing with my man?"

The accused, whose name is Asani, denies it.

Well, she doesn't deny that she's cheating, just "Not with Melo."

And anyway, she adds for affect, that would be "gross" since he's like her brother.


Interestingly enough, that was that. No smacking, no girl fighting. Just some tee-heeing and done.

Maybe it was all intrigue manufactured for the camera. After all, it was the season premier.



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