In horse racing, like in baseball or in any sport, really, there are curses.

And one -- a newer one -- is that Tweeting horses lose.

Well, I'll Have Another, who just arrived in Maryland fresh off his Kentucky Derby win, is here to put the lie to that.

The thoroughbred, you see, has been Tweeting his saddle off. And it's done nothing to slow him down.

"Here is a photo of me watching the inflight movie.....War Horse.... I cried," he told his fans last night when he got to Maryland to prepare for The Preakness. And then he sent: "Here is a local article about my arrival this afternoon and why I am not in the stakes barn."

The three-year-old colt Tweets under the name @Ill_HaveAnother. He's got more than 1,700 followers but that will probably grow once word really gets out about his account.

A lot of I'll Have Another's Tweets are bits of conversation and jokes between him and his equine buddy @IamLavaMan.

For instance, I'll Have Another retweeted this from his pal: "I've been asked several times what I told @Ill_HaveAnother in the post parade. I told him do what I never had a chance to do. AND HE DID."

The champion also retweeted Lava saying: "Sooooo what do I need to know about crabcakes and all things Maryland? I am going with @Ill_HaveAnother to tackle the Preakness."

One of their followers replied: "Horses shouldn't eat crab cakes.But enjoy the trip and tell them to give you more air time on tv."

I'll Have Another tweeted nearly his entire journey to Maryland. And we expect he'll let us know even more as it gets closer to Preakness. After all, he was Tweeting until just before the Derby. One of his race-day Tweets: "Due to public demand @IamLavaMan is taking my phone away, I will tweet after the race. Wish me luck!"

I'll Have Another says he is not the least bit concerned about any Tweet curse. A handful of other Tweeting race horses (yes, there are more) have managed to win after Tweeting. Nothing so grand as the Kentucky Derby though.

One of his followers, Frances J Karon ‏ (@francesjkaron) tweeted, "I believe I'll Have Another is the first horse to win a Classic with the weight of a Twitter account on his back, no? @Ill_HaveAnother."

The winner himself says: "First winning from the 19th hole than this "@ejplantain: Oh man I just realized @Ill_HaveAnother broke the #tweetinghorse curse!!"

Here are a few more I'll Have Another tweets:

* @IamLavaMan keeps saying to the flight crew "I'll Have Another", he thinks its funny, I think its getting old #marylandbound

* YYAAWWMNNNNN!! Time for a nap for both of us @IamLavaMan and some quiet time

* @purrxlots what did you have for dinner?

* Good morning everyone. Its been a busy day here with visitors, well wishers and friends. I feel great, ate up and hear I am flying out to MD

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