Matt and Wendy McDermott thought they had planned the perfect surprise for their five-year-old son, Ferris.

Rather than drive Ferris to preschool on Friday, the Baltimore couple drove him to the airport.


Then, as Matt filmed the scene in the parking lot, Wendy told Ferris the big news: They were going to Disney World.

Except Ferris' reaction wasn't exactly what his parents had expected.

"Nooooooooooo," cried Ferris, hiding his head on his mother's shoulder.

She tried to remind him that there's a castle in Disney World, but Ferris just wept harder.

"Why don't you want to go to Disney World?" Matt asked.

"Because, I just don't," the little boy wailed.

Fortunately for his parents, Ferris perked up just a few minutes later and was "heartbreakingly grateful" for the family vacation, Matt said.

"He started to enjoy the trip five minutes after we took the video," Matt wrote in an email. "Poor guy was just rocked out of his routine."