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Gun-toting Maryland candidate to throw fundraiser with NRA

Guns are on the mind of much of America in the wake of the deadly theater shooting in Colorado and a foiled copycat crime here in Maryland.

They're certainly on the mind of Maryland congressional candidate Faith Loudon who's planning a shooting-themed fundraiser with her "very special guest" National Rifle Association President David Keane.


Loudon, a Pasedena mother of three and a Republican who's running in the state's 4th congressional district sent out an invitation over the weekend to what she's calling a "shooting event."

The invitation features a picture of the candidate holding a gun with a big grin.


"Let's make everyone a Shooting Star!" the invitation reads.

The event will be Aug. 11 at Prince George's Trap & Skeet. Guests will be able to mingle with Loudon while getting trying their hand at shooting. People willing to pony up $150 can pose for a picture with Keane and shoot.

Loudon is 2010's Maryland Republican Woman of the Year.

She will face incumbent Rep. Donna Edwards in November.

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