State pride takes to Twitter with #GrowingUpInMaryland

The hashtag #GrowingUpInMaryland exploded on Twitter this week with a burst of state flags, crabs and love for sports teams.

Users discussed things only Marylanders could relate to: the distinction between Baltimore City and Baltimore County, the importance of Old Bay with every meal and that Mormon Temple off I-495 that you always thought was Disney World.


Some had jokes, like @Flockof_Siegels who described riding "an army of Chesapeake blue crabs to school every morning," or @maevedunigan, who said that when Marylanders die, their "ashes are just Old Bay."

As anyone from the state knows, "DMV" stands for Washington, D.C. (or the "District"), Maryland and Virginia, not Department of Motor Vehicles. That's the MVA, of course.


And DMV slang is something all its own. Just ask @meganxcorsi.

" having to explain to people not from the DMV that hip isn't just a bone in your body," she wrote.

Others used the hashtag to lament the struggle of deciding what to wear when Maryland weather includes all four seasons in the span of a week.

" where you could wear your [North Face], rain boots, a tank top, and flip flops in the same week and not even be surprised," posted @GatesofEvan

And then there's the state's geographic location -- where is it really, in the north or in the south? Does anyone know the answer?

" not being claimed by the North or the South so you're just kinda there like sup," posted @Stay_Rosey.

Plenty of users posted the state flag, calling it the "most beautiful" and commenting on its omnipresence: clothes, bumper stickers, flags, spirit wear, you name it. Marylanders are here to tell you that, objectively, our flag's beauty is a fact. It's science.

And, naturally, there was discussion of crabs, crabcakes and Old Bay.

" when you go out of the state you get confused when no one has old bay," said @_move_forWaRD.

@HollydancerAnn shared an important lesson she learned about traveling: " Learning not to eat crab cakes from any other state because they will never taste the same."

OK, so we're a little obsessed with crabs.

" crab by itself, crab cake, crab dip, crab sandwich, crab soup, and the list goes on and on," posted @charlesbloomer.

An earlier version of this article misstated the definition of "DMV." The Sun regrets the error.

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