Denise Whiting and Gordon Ramsay at a press conference at Cafe Hon.
Denise Whiting and Gordon Ramsay at a press conference at Cafe Hon. (Baltimore Sun photo by Amy Davis)

Chef Gordon Ramsay, whose visit to Hampden's Cafe Hon in the fall of 2011 helped diffuse the tension from owner Denise Whiting's attempt to trademark the word "Hon," returned to see just how much good his earlier visit accomplished. The "Kitchen Nightmares" episode featuring the return visit airs Friday.
Many area residents and one-time customers -- infuriated over Whiting's attempt to control what they viewed as a unique piece of "Bawlamerese" -- had been boycotting the business and pillorying its owner. But after Ramsay and his "Kitchen Nightmares" crew visited and Whiting went on the radio to drop her trademark attempts and apologize for making them in the first place, things quieted down considerably.
Ramsay, who never met a restaurant challenge he didn't relish, also suggested some decor and menu changes. The episode chronicling the show's initial visit aired in February.
The return visit, which was taped back in May, will be broadcast Friday as part of a special "Revisited" episode. Ramsay's goal, according to the show's website, is to "learn if the community is still at war with this previously over-controlling owner."
We're guessing he likes what he sees.
"Kitchen Nightmares" airs at 8 p.m. Friday on Fox -- WBFF, Channel 45, locally.