Gov. O'Malley can't wait for Palin portrayal in 'Game Change'

Julianne Moore (center) stars as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in HBO's TV-movie "Game Change."
Julianne Moore (center) stars as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in HBO's TV-movie "Game Change."(Phil Caruso/HBO)

We all know what will be on this weekend at the Governor's Mansion in Annapolis.

At 9 p.m. on Saturday, at least.

"Game Change!"

Gov. Martin O'Malleyseems pretty jazzed about the premier of HBO's movie about Sarah Palin starring Julianne Moore.

"A special #FF to @HBOfor choosing MD to film "Game Change." Looking forward to watching it on Saturday," he Tweeted Friday morning.

A "special" one!

But the governor and The Sun's @DavidZurawik aren't the only talking about the show, which was filmed in Baltimore. It's one of the buzziest, trending-est terms of the day.

The state tourism folks, @TravelMD, for one.

"We're watching!" the organization Tweeted.

Here's what some of the lamestream media elite are saying:

Mother Jones: In this version, campaign strategist Steve Schmidt is Dr. Victor Frankenstein, John McCain is the corporation that he works for, all of America is the unsuspecting village people, and Sarah Palin is [cue the music...] the Adam of Schmidt's labors.

Slate: Julianne Moore is apparently so good in "Game Change", she makes liberals feel sorry for Palin.

Roger Ebert: What I didn't expect to discover after viewing "Game Change," a new HBO film about the 2008 McCain campaign, was how much sympathy I would feel for Palin, and even more for John McCain.

Comedy writer Rob Kutner: "Game Change" looks like the most amazing high-production value SNL opening sketch ever.

Washington Post: It takes no more than 40 seconds to accustom yourself to Julianne Moore's eerily perfect take on Palin. Despite initial misgivings when the first photos came out of Moore done up in Palin's hairdo and trademark specs (pictures that for some reason conjured unfortunate reminders of Moore doing a bad Boston accent on "30 Rock"), "Game Change" ranks among her finest performances.

George Stephanopoulos: Sarah Palin and her allies have made it clear that they're not happy about how the former Vice Presidential candidate was portrayed. I sympathize with them. I haven't been through the exact same process but I have had my share of fictional doppelgangers loosely based on my work in the White House.

Salon: What HBO's "Game Change" gets wrong: It portrays everyone as basically honorable and decent.

New York Times: There are some cracks in Julianne Moore's portrayal of Governor Palin: she leaves out the sexy sassiness.  But considering the challenge — not to mention the incomparable Tina Fey parody — Ms. Moore plays the candidate with surprising finesse.

Maryland Department of Business & Economic Development: Filmed in MD "Game Change" premieres this Sat @ 9pm on HBO; film had an economic impact of $27M dollars & created over 1,200 jobs.

John Schwartz, New York Times writer: My favorite Game Change scene: Moore, imitating SP, watching Tina Fey pretending to be SP, in a wonderful hall of mirrors moment.



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