As a Perry Hall High School special education student lay in critical condition after being shot on the first day of school Monday, his classmates attempted to raise his spirits this week by campaigning for Lady Gaga, his music idol, to visit him in the hospital.

A viral social media campaign ensued, garnering the attention from local media, Ravens players and even the famous bakers over at Charm City Cakes. The message seems to have reached the right ears.

Music veteran Bruce Tyler, formerly the executive vice president of Sony Music and Columbia Records and a Baltimore native, told The Sun Wednesday that the story of Daniel Borowy moved him and he made sure Lady Gaga's people heard about it.

The "story today touched me deeply," Tyler said in an email. "While LG is out of the country for an extended period (on tour), I've nonetheless reached out to those that can help. I've already been told that LG will be sending something to Daniel, and I'm trying to get more."

According to his classmates, Borowy, 17, loves Lady Gaga and has a suitcase packed just in case he can get out to California and ask her to marry him.

Tyler said the story hit "a special nerve" for him not just because he's from Baltimore but because he's been involved in an anti-bullying campaign. He created the Band Against Bullying campaign, which included a free all-ages concert in New York last month.

Tyler said he's reached out to colleagues at Interscope, Gaga's label. Though she is overseas, touring internationally, he said she's "a true anti-bullying advocate and as passionate about her fans as any artist I've ever seen in my career."

He wasn't sure what Gaga's people and others might work out for Borowy -- but he felt sure something was on the way.

"I just wanted to reach out and let you know your story is creating a cause to action by many," Tyler said. "It is definitely in the correct pipeline."

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