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Travel tips from globetrotting Duff Goldman

With outposts in both Baltimore and Los Angeles and appearances all over the world, Duff Goldman has done his share of traveling.

Recently the Ace of Cakes shared some of his favorite destinations and a few travel tips with Johnny Jet. He told the website that he travels four to six times a month, has been to more than 20 countries and five continents. Even so, he counts Baltimore as his favorite city.


Istanbul is his fave international city and Jerusalem's Western Wall his favorite global site.

British Airways is his airline of choice -- window seat, please.

His favorite U.S. airport is Minneapolis-Saint Paul because of the pinball. But he credits Baltimore Washington International for having the best lounge, the Meditation Room.

When it comes to hotels, he loves The Maritime in New York City. He says St. John in London is the best fancy restaurant. And Goldman, who loves a hole in the wall, says the best one of those is Barbacoa Taco in Cancun.

The five things he brings on a plane: iPad, headphones, Kindle, lunch and Carl. (Carl, a small plush buffalo, goes everywhere with Duff.)

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