What is it with the Harbaugh brothers and their pants?

First, Jim Harbaugh's wife complains to a radio station that the 49ers coach wears cheapo pleated khakis from Walmart.


Now we find out that Ravens coach John Harbaugh has been wearing the same pair of black pants on the field for two years.

"For game day, he wears what the game day equipment manager puts in his office," said Kevin Byrne, Ravens senior vice president of public and community relations.

And for the past two years, that's been the same pair of black pants. The teams coaches usually get fitted for the pants in the spring for the best fit, Byrne said.

Harbaugh wore the same pair on the field during last year's Super Bowl victory, Byrne said, and has kept wearing them through the ups and downs of the past year.

So what kind of pants are they? Well, unlike his younger brother, John Harbaugh doesn't get his pants for $8 from Walmart.

"They're bought locally," said Byrne. "We're not going to say what company it is, but it's a local tailor."

And what does Harbaugh wear when he's not on the field?

Byrne says Harbaugh's wife picks out the coach's pants on other days.

Sounds like a good way to prevent your wife from publicly bashing your taste.