"The Wire" creator David Simon participated in a Reddit AMA on Wednesday.
"The Wire" creator David Simon participated in a Reddit AMA on Wednesday. (Matt McClain/Washington Post)

Baltimorean David Simon hosted an AMA — or "ask me anything" — session on the popular website Reddit on Wednesday.

Coming as a surprise to no one, a whole lot of people wanted to ask him about "The Wire." But the creator of the Baltimore-based HBO drama fielded questions about a range of other topics, from drug policy and policing to his upcoming projects.


Whatever the questions, it was clear plenty were interested in what Simon, a former Baltimore Sun reporter, had to say. The AMA reached the front page of Reddit (an indication of its popularity) and garnered more than 600 comments.

Here are some tidbits from Simon's AMA:

On what themes he would have included in additional seasons of "The Wire": "[Writer] David Mills suggested immigration, but to research it upon his argument, we would have had to halt production on season four and five, which would have kept us off the air for too long after season three. He was right though. It would have been worthy."

His favorite character on "The Wire": "I loved writing Jay Landsman. He was so damn real as a Baltimore police sergeant in my head."

(Perhaps because Landsman, played by Delaney Williams, was based on real-life Baltimore police officer. )

On Black Lives Matter: "Black lives matter. So do blue lives. But the context of the "black lives matter" credo is that unlike blue lives, or white lives -- which have de facto mattered in our country for generations -- African-Americans have been far too vulnerable to unnecessary and hyperbolic response by law enforcement. This is simply so, and is now evidenced by the smart phone revolution."

On criminal justice and drug policy: "The drug prohibition, which destroyed policing in many respects -- never mind what it did to families and communities -- is being openly challenged. This is essential to any possibility of reform. In fact, many smart police are glad to see it happen; it's the only chance to restore any sense of professionalism and legality to the craft of legitimate law enforcement."

On his future projects: Simon mentioned he's been talking to Spanish producers and HBO about the Spanish Civil War. But his "bucket list" project would deal with the history of the CIA from World War II to 9/11.

Where's Wallace?: "I don't know. I keep calling his agents, but he's quite busy with one big film project or another," Simon said of actor Michael B. Jordan. (Simon has previously said that Jordan's character on "The Wire" was the hardest to kill off.)

Sorry "Wire" lovers, that wasn't Simon's favorite show to work on. That honor goes to "Treme," his HBO drama set in New Orleans.

You can read the entire Simon AMA here.