Simon calls in, speaks out
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Listeners to the Kojo Nnamdi Show got a bit more than they bargained for when "The Wire" creator David Simon called in this afternoon to offer his two cents on the Kwame Brown story.

Kojo was in the middle of a conversation about the disgraced D.C. City Council Chairman, who recently resigned after criminal charges. The talk show host was chatting with staff from WAMU, local journalists and a former prosecutor when Simon picked up the phone.

Simon had apparently been listening to the discussion -- with growing irritation -- while driving around in the car, and got on the phone. As someone who built his career scrutinizing public corruption -- and who wove it into key story lines in "The Wire," Simon had plenty to say.

He began by criticizing the state's case against Brown.

And -- the best part -- he compared Brown to "The Wire"'s snake of a politician, Clay Davis.

At one point Kojo said, with a bit of delight, he had someone with a "unique perspective on this" on the line. "David Simon you're on the air, go ahead please."

Simon launched into his issues with the state's case.

"It is echos of about 10 different federal investigations that I either covered or dealt with as a reporter," he said, adding that the charge against Brown is the type you file against someone "when you can't get any substantial charge and you're worried your indictment is rather weak."

When he sees that sort of bank charge, Simon said, he knows the state doesn't have a case.

"Whenever i see the bank charge leading the way," Simon said. "I know if they're leading with that they came up empty with everything else."

UPDATE: David Simon just wrote it to be sure we saw his own blog post on the topic. He explains his take on the Brown case in much more depth -- with some fun stories.  Check it out here.


Also, listen to Simon's bit on Kojo:


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