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Craigslist ad: Those chairs aren't reserving dug-out parking spaces ...

Craigslist ad finds new meaning in chairs used to reserve dug-out parking spaces.

Snow storm Jonas is already bringing out people's comedic charms.

One apparent Baltimore-area resident wants to help you amass a new patio and beach chair collection during the snow. Or maybe the Craiglist ad he or she has posted is just mocking the local practice of using such chairs to reserve dug-out parking spaces. 

The ad is headlined, "FREE PATIO AND BEACH CHAIRS!!!!:

What it offers: "All the free patio chairs and beach chairs you want. I will be dispersing chairs of various types in parking spots around the city before and during the snow storm. Feel free to just go ahead and take them. Some chairs in great condition, some not so great."

City officials have discouraged the use of objects such as lawn chairs to claim parking spots.

The poster of the ad did not immediately respond Friday afternoon to a request for comment from The Sun.

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