Nick J. Mosby
(Follow Friday the Film)

Baltimore Councilman Nick J. Mosby has Tweeted himself into a movie role.

He'll be playing himself -- a guy who Tweets a lot.

With just over 500 followers, the District 7 representative might not be the biggest presence on Twitter. But he's apparently being followed by the right people. He'll be one of 140 personalities from the millions on the social media site included in a documentary called "Follow Friday."

The documentary portrays filmmaker Erin Faulk as she travels the country to meet and interview 140 of the people she follows on Twitter. The number 140 refers to the amount of characters allowed in a single Tweet.

Through the film Faulk is challenging the idea of following people on Twitter that one has never met -- accepting the opinions and recommendations of folks that in real life, one might not even like let alone trust.

The filmmaker's visit to Baltimore on Wednesday came 16 days into what is supposed to be a 38-day journey.  

Mosby, who Tweets under @councilmanmosby, wasn't originally on the list of Tweeters for the documentary. He was added on after he cajoled the filmmakers -- on Twitter of course -- into a Baltimore stop.

"He was great, really nice," Faulk told Insider. "He gets Twitter which is helpful."

The councilman had impressed the film crew with his informative Tweets during the aftermath of the big June 29 storm.

"When you want to reach the masses with one click of the button it's really easy to do it on Twitter," he says. "I hear from all people -- positive and negative."

On Wednesday he amused the filmmakers by live-Tweeting while they were in City Hall, in council chambers and in his office, interviewing him.

"@FF_TheFilm crew in City Hall!" he Tweeted in front of the crew. "#Baltimore where should I take @FF_TheFilm for crab cakes?"

After filming, Mosby took the crew to Alchemy in Hampden for lunch. The recommendation came in from Twitter, of course.

The filmmakers will also be interviewing one of Mosby's Twitter inspirations -- Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who is widely known for his accessibility on Twitter.

Faulk won't be able to fit all 140 interviews into what she thinks will be a two-hour film. But she promises everyone's face will appear in the movie -- even if only for a few seconds.

She expects to have the movie finished by the end of the year and will submit it to film festivals, including Baltimore's.

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