Company selling Michael Phelps Olympic-style headphones

Be like Mike
(Sol Republic)

There he was, before every major swim in the London Olympics, lost in thought and music pumping from headphones that covered his ears. And now, a clever company wants to sell you a pair of those Michael Phelps headphones.

The red, white and blue headphones are available for pre-order on Ebay, through Sol Republic, which has inked a deal with Phelps.


The headphones cost $149.99. A portion of the proceeds will to to the Michael Phelps Foundation.

"He absolutely loves this brand," his agent Peter Carlisle told ESPN. "I mean, he was wearing them anyway."

Here's how the company describes the headphones:

"Inspired by Michael Phelps' passion for music, Tracks HD Anthem headphones offer great sound, incredible style and total interchangeability," reads the Ebay description. "Combining metallic red and blue accents over a pearl white foundation, the Anthem design delivers the deep bass and emotional power of music."

According to Home Brew Audio, Phelps also got into a bit of hot water with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for being so obvious about the name-brand technology during the games, showing off the various band colors and whatnot -- until someone apparently made him cover it up.

"But on the night of his last swim, he came out with a hoodie over his headphones," the site reported. "And when the camera showed him in close-up, it was clear that there was a piece of white tape covering the SOL REPUBLIC logo. What's up with that?"

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