Stephen Colbert asked "Serial" producer Sarah Koenig a question last night that many fans of the hit podcast have been wondering:

"Will that girl ever learn how to pronounce 'MailChimp'?"


In addition to ribbing Koenig about the MailChimp sponsorship, which features a non-native speaker stumbling over the word, Colbert asked the "This American Life" producer how she became interested in the murder case at the heart of the podcast.

"Did you always want to do true crime reporting that people listen to on the treadmill?" he asked.

Koenig, a former Baltimore Sun reporter, told the "Colbert Report" host that she was intrigued by the complexities of the case of the 1999 murder of Woodlawn High School student Hae Min Lee.

But she said she was not "advocating" for Adnan Syed, a former boyfriend of Lee who was convicted of first-degree murder in the case and is serving a sentence of life plus 30 years.

Colbert told viewers the podcast "takes place in Baltimore, the same fictional city from 'The Wire.'"

You can find Koenig's entire appearance on "The Colbert Report" here.

The second-to-last episode of "Serial" was released today; the final episode is set to come out next week.

Even "Sesame Street" seems to have fallen under the spell of "Serial," which has become the most popular podcast ever made.

The children's show posted to its Twitter account yesterday, "Bert is so excited for his Thursday morning CEREAL."