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Cokie Roberts' new Labrador lost in Bethesda

The Baltimore Sun

UPDATE, 4/26/2012: Cokie Roberts' missing dog hit by a car

A pup recently adopted by famous journalist Cokie Roberts has gone missing.

On Monday afternoon, Lab Rescue of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac put out word that a dog just adopted by Roberts, a female black Labrador, was lost.

The dog, named Katie, went missing on Bradley Boulevard Saturday evening -- only an hour after Roberts adopted her. At first, she headed north. There was a possible sighting later that night at the intersection of Marbury Road and Durbin Road near Walt Whitman High School.

Katie, a former stray, is about five years old and 48 pounds. She is graying around the muzzle and wearing a collar with a Lab Rescue tag.

According to the rescue, Katie is gentle but very shy, so people shouldn't try to catch her, but rather, if they spot her, keep her in sight and call Sarah of Lab Rescue at 703-589-5034 or the Montgomery County Animal Emergency Line at 240-773-5900.

There is a $100 reward for information that leads to her return.

The family who had fostered Katie before Roberts adopted her sent the rescue an update just last week on how things were going with the dog that the rescue posted on its website. It gives an idea of Katie's personality and potential:

Katie is by far the easiest dog one could ever hope for!  She never barks, loves going on walks, loves hanging out in the backyard with us, quietly relaxes on her dog beds whenever we're inside, takes treats extremely gently, and sleeps peacefully at the foot of our bed at night.  She is easy mannered and while still very timid, she is making progress almost daily. When Katie first arrived she was so terrified of the world that she refused to leave her crate, could not be safely walked on leash, and trying to pet her caused her to freeze in panic. She was terrified of everything from the sound of dry food being scooped into her bowl to the sight of passing cars. Now, two months later, she greets us with a soft wagging tail when we get home, whimpers ever so softly if I leave the backyard without taking her with me, tries to get us to play chase with her in the backyard, and falls asleep at night resting her chin on our legs.  She endearingly cocks her head sideways when you talk to her, loves going on car rides, and pays attention to everything going on around her, which is helping her figure out the world is a pretty good place!
Katie politely greets other dogs but when on our walks she totally ignores even the worst behaved dogs who are often lunging and barking at her. She cuddles up with our dogs occasionally when sharing the dog beds but otherwise, she is not really a dog playmate, but more of a dog companion. She may be one day, but for now, she is content just hanging out with whatever dogs are around (we have 2 big dogs but others often visit).  She loves small, stuffed animals and chews on a nylabone from time to time.  She is also starting to play with a squeaky tennis ball, picking it up and running around with it if I engage with her. Katie is a big believer in the alarm clock, meaning that if she knows you're awake she will help you get up! :)  She is over the moon at the thought of getting her breakfast and once she’s eaten, will hop and prance around with pure joy on her leash as we take our morning walk. We've nicknamed her "Little Ballerina" because she seems to point her toes when she prances! :)  Once we come back inside however, she goes back to sleep on her dog bed!


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