Chef Andrew Zimmern slams Chesapeake Hyatt

Won't be back to Chesapeake Hyatt
(Travel Channel)

Chef Andrew Zimmern has been to the far corners of the globe. He's known for eating everything from weird animal parts to the oddest regional dishes. And yet, what he couldn't stomach, apparently, was a stay at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay.

Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel's"Bizarre Foods," unleashed about the hotel on Twitter Monday morning, making it quite plain how he felt about his stay there.

"Hyatt in Chesapeake, guys come into room without knocking, spills not cleaned for 24 hours in halls, food doesn't match menu... And on & on," he wrote. 

He also said the following, his swear word bleeped: "Pet peeve: [Bleep]y hotels masquerading as good ones. All hat and no cowboy. Good service, clean room at any price level is what matters."

Zimmern, it seems, was staying at the Maryland resort, to do some of his signature adventurous eating for his show. Over the weekend he grilled eel on Hoopers Isle. He also might have met up with a muskrat skinner and cook. He checked out the regional crab scene.

He had high praise for Old Salty's in Fishing Creek, too, calling it "restaurant paradise."

And yet, the hotel, which is supposedly luxurious, with swimming pools, a golf course and all the trimmings, didn't pass muster.

Seeing Zimmern's Tweets, a Hyatt official soon messaged him back, asking if he wanted a duty  manager from the hotel to give him a call. "Thank-you very much for your feedback," the online concierge wrote him. "and we apologize for this experience at our HR Chesapeake Bay."

Zimmern didn't want a call from the duty manager. "Thx, no need," he wrote back. "Bad days happen. Seemed overwhelmed by triathlon and some weddings ..."

By lunchtime, 14 people had re-tweeted Zimmern's main complaint about the hotel.

Zimmern was just in Baltimore in May, headlining the Foodie Experience at the Hippodrome.


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