Charm City Cakes delivers cupcakes, kittens ... but not here

We're bitter and angry. But we have a darned good reason.

Our very own Charm City Cakes signed on to deliver one of the biggest workday perks in recorded history -- live kittens and cupcakes -- and could we take advantage of it here in Baltimore? NO, we could not.

Here's the scoop: today is National Cat Day. Residents of three select cities (Seattle, San Francisco and New York) could spend 15 minutes cuddling with a mewing, adorable ball of fur AND enjoy a cupcake in the bargain, just for plunking down a $20 donation for local animal shelters.

The cupcakes+kittens combo was being organized by Uber, the online ride-sharing site, in partnership with Charm City Cakes. Between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday, the lucky residents in these three cities simply downloaded the Uber app, requested the "kittens" option, pay $20, and waited for a door-to-door kitten delivery. And if someone happened to become smitten with a particularly adorable baby, they were in luck. All the kittens are available for adoption.

At least, that's the theory. The website also warns that the kittens may be in short supply -- and there are dozens of despairing comments on the Uber blog that attest to this grim reality.

One man writes:  "I'll settle for just the damn cupcakes at this point...been trying for the past 3 and a half hours with no luck :( "

And a woman sent out a frantic message trying to find out if any local workplace had scored a kitten. She wanted to visit.

Charm City Cakes staff member Mary Smith said that the Baltimore bakery put together about 100 cupcakes to be distributed in New York, and she would guess that the West Coast branch, which was handling San Francisco churned out an equal number.

In a cruel twist of fate, the company's bakers, who are based in Baltimore and Los Angeles, denied kittens of their own to cuddle.

"We're all cat lovers here, and we're all disappointed," Smith says. "We're hoping that they'll expand nationally next year and we can be included then."