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Camp John Waters to offer a weekend of fun for would-be reprobates

Finally, the chance to live like a Dreamlander. At least for three days.

“Camp John Waters” offers degenerate wannabes the chance to spend a weekend watching his films, checking out his live one-man show, karaoke-ing to the songs of “Hairspray,” learning how to perform burlesque, drinking scotch and smoking cigars (although Waters, who years ago swore off smoking, probably won’t indulge fully in that one), playing “Bloody Mary Bingo” and just generally having a sleazy good time.

All that, and you get an autographed copy of his latest book, “Make Trouble,” too.

Set for Sept. 22-24 at Club Getaway, an “adult summer camp” in Kent, Conn., about 90 minutes north of New York City, Camp John Waters offers packages starting at $499 and topping out at $599.

"My wife and I are big fans," says Club Getaway owner David Schreiber, "and when his manager presented the idea, I was like, yes, that's awesome."

The camp also offers standard camp-type stuff, like basketball, rock climbing, hiking, archery, and arts and crafts. But such things hardly seem appealing compared to a scheduled Q&A with the man who made edible dog poo a thing (and no, that kind of tribute to the great Divine does not seem to be included on the camp itinerary).

"Our core value is fun, freedom and friends," said Schreiber. "The freedom aspect is that idea of sort-of breaking the rules, but in a safe environment."

Waters, a Baltimore resident who is in the midst of a book tour for "Make Trouble," was unavailable for comment.

But "breaking the rules?" Sounds just up Waters' alley. 

There’s only room for 300 campers, and after camp registration went online Friday morning, more than half the slots were filled by mid-afternoon, Schreiber said.

Remember, there’ll probably never be a better, or more appropriate, time to let your freak flag fly.

More details can be found on the camp’s website,

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