Camden Yards Batman was nearly 'Ellen man'

The choice was not between Batman and Superman.

It wasn't even between the Caped Crusader and an X-person.

No, it wasn't a superhero-superhero fight.

Bruce Wayne's alterego just barely beat out a daytime TV talkshow host.

It was either Batman undies or Ellen Degeneres-themed briefs, said Mark Harvey, the truck driver who ran out onto the field during the Orioles' opening home game.

The 26-year-old Severn man originally planned to wear "ellen" undershorts for the diamond dash, Harvey said Thursday afternoon.

He loves her, he said.

And she dances, he added. Just like he planned to do for the fans in the stands.

The comedian's "ellen" branded underwear is available at the online "ellenshop."

But in the end, the leftover Halloween-costume cape tipped the scale in favor of an outfit that included the recognizable yellow bat logo across his crotch.

Here's how he phrased this thought process:

"I wasn't sure what I was going to do. First, I was going to do Ellen Degeneres underwear 'cause I love her and she's always dancin' and she's got underwear.

"I was like, 'That would be perfect.'

"But I couldn't find those and I was like, 'The second best thing is something to make the crowd laugh and that.'

"And I had Batman underwear and the cape left over from Halloween this year so I decided, 'Hey, that seems like a good idea.'"

Then he ran around the field briefly, got tackled hard and spent 13 hours in jail.



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