Wendell Pierce
(Sun file photo)

David Simon did it. And now Bunk is doing it too -- protesting drastic cuts at New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Wendell Pierce, who played Bunk on "The Wire," has joined a number of big names from New Orleans to tell the newspaper's parent company that they want a daily paper -- not something that comes out just three times a week, Jim Romenesko reported on his blog.


"Unfortunately and sadly, the considerable goodwill your family enterprise has created in New Orleans in the last 50 years has dissipated in just a few short months because of the decision that took our entire community by surprise," says their letter to the Newhouse family. "It is painful to report that right now it is nearly impossible to find a kind word in these parts about your family or your plan to take away our daily newspaper"

By signing the letter Pierce stands with Wynton Marsalis, Mary Matalin, Cokie Roberts and others. Pierce, who also stars in Simon's HBO series "Treme," is a New Orleans native.

They ask the owners to sell the paper, hoping someone else would be willing to give the city a daily newspaper if they are not willing.




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