Loves tennis
(Sun file photo)

Football and tennis don't share much in common except perhaps that Raven tackle Bryant McKinnie is crazy about both.

So much so that it got McKinnie into the famously gossipy Page Six section of the New York Post.


The Post found the big man at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Saturday -- just as he headed into a contract dispute with the team that pays his bills. He was there to watch his good friend Serena Williams in the US Open quarterfinals.

"According to a spy, McKinnie, an 11-year NFL vet, 'loves to pick up a racket on his off days . . . often with Serena and Venus Williams. They aren't bad tennis instructors to have!'" Page Six wrote.

Not bad indeed! That's almost cooler than Michael Phelps taking golf lessons with Hank Haney.

Anyway, McKinnie has made no secret of his affection for the softer sport -- at least in front of his 74,000 Twitter followers.

On Sunday he Tweeted that he was planning on getting his raquet busy Monday or Tuesday since he hadn't played in a while. A couple days earlier he Tweeted, "I'm heading 2 our game, yall let me know how @Venuseswilliams makes out n her match 2nite."


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