(James Joyce)

Baltimore bar-goers could hardly believe their eyes this week -- there was Bono, one of the planet's most famous rock stars, having a pint.

The crowd went wild at James Joyce Irish Pub in Harbor East, snapping pictures with the star who was game for hugs and pose after pose.

When the pub posted on Facebook, "We had someone visit us last night...we hear he's kind of famous..." it got more than 200 likes and 44 comments -- most of which were something like "seriously???"" and "Omg!!!"

And just like when they spotted Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey this week at Starbucks, folks victoriously posted their Bono pictures on Twitter.

Alas, it wasn't the real thing. It was, perhaps, even better than the real thing -- a guy from California who makes a living as a Bono look-alike.

"Yeah, we went around and had a pint here, some clams there," said Pavel Sfera, reached Thursday morning as he packed to leave town. "I was working."

Sfera said he was hired by a local flooring company, guys who rented a van and wanted to spend the night going from bar to bar pretending like they were hanging out with Bono.

"They wanted to go and have a pint here and a pint here. We laughed our butts off over anything and everything," he explained. "Most of them are married guys that don't get out much."

He said that once one person at a bar whipped out their camera to take his picture, a crowd would form almost instantaneously.

"The rest show up cause it must be him, you know," Sfera said. "It's a hoot to hang out with me."

Sfera said he's been a professional, full-time Bono for a decade. He went pro after hearing since 1979 that he looked like the Irish rock star.

He also stopped by Fleet Street Kitchen and Cinghale.



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