Craig White in the blue shirt, Bill Clinton second from left, White's fiancé Alison Schlenger and Kevin Spacey.
Craig White in the blue shirt, Bill Clinton second from left, White's fiancé Alison Schlenger and Kevin Spacey. (Craig White)

Coffee drinkers in Mount Vernon were graced Tuesday night with the presence of an ex-president: Bill Clinton apparently had to stop by Starbucks while in town for a talk at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall.

Marcel Jagne-Shaw (@JagneShaw), who lived in Clinton's home state for five years, was studying late when he ran into the man himself. "I was preoccupied & caught off guard, I shoulda hollered out I was from Arkansas too Lol. Really down to earth tho," he tweeted. In case you're curious, Jagne-Shaw said he thought Clinton ordered a grande macchiato.


" sightings from to Charles Street. Bill is getting around Baltimore!" noted @DowntownDiane.

Several Twitterers also mentioned seeing him with actor Kevin Spacey, who's been shooting the Netflix series "House of Cards." Daniel Massey (@daniel_massey) posted a photo of the two of them.

Former Baltimorean  Mike Fila (@mfilaphile) lamented missing the sudden burst of celebrity. "So Bill Clinton and maybe Kevin Spacey are in my old in . Why did this not happen when I lived there?!" he Tweeted. Fila passed along the photo above, from his friend Nick Crocetti.

No word yet on how they like their roasts. (UPDATE: Adam Haynos reports Bill ordered a tall regular. He wanted decaf but they were out.)

UPDATE: Here's how one lucky couple from Baltimore, Craig White and Alison Schlenger got the photo opp of a lifetime. In White's words:

Alison and I live in Mount Vernon and were walking to the Meyerhoff to see Bill Clinton present at the Baltimore Speaker Series. We stopped at Starbucks for some coffee before the show.  As we exited the coffee shop a police car stopped abruptly at the corner of Charles and Preston streets.  We looked to our left and two black Suburbans and a Cadillac Escalade pulled up as well.  Bill Clinton exited one of the vehicles along with a crew  of secret service.  We shook his hand as he entered the Starbucks.  We walked back into the shop and looked over in amazement.  Then Alison quietly asked one of the secret service agents if we could have a photo with President Clinton.  He said to wait as he worked to secure the area.  She waited patiently and after the things settled down she asked again and he agreed, but asked to wait until they were ready to leave. We waited patiently and as the former President and Mr. Spacey were exiting the coffee shop we gathered together and a secret service agent snapped this photo of us.  By then a crowd had formed outside and it was quite a scene.  We were the only people to get a photo like this since they were in a hurry to arrive at the venue.  Thanks to Alison's kind approach and patience we have a memory to hold onto.