Ray Lewis, Tom Brady, Ray Rice name-checked in video

The Baltimore Police Department on Thursday added to the growing wave of video valentines to the Ravens on the eve of the AFC championship game against the new England Patriots. Among the cast of hundreds: a mounted unit, a K-9 unit, homicide cops, the bigwigs and a group that seemed pretty conversant with hand-to-hand combat.

Based on the production values, it appears only single digits of your tax dollars were at work here. So enjoy! Let us count the ways:


0:19: Pro-Ravens freestyle posturing underscored by coordinated pink lipstick.

0:59: We live here, and even we have trouble translating this officer's Baltimore accent. But he seems supportive!

1:11: Ray Lewis, if your colleagues aren't getting it done, this guy "has your back!"

1:40: Police helpfully demonstrate how, precisely, they suggest the snot will be kicked out of Tom Brady. We should point out, though, that the NFL does fine for head-butting.

1:48: Unclear: Wobbly variation on the Squirrel Dance?

2:37: Hey, it's the homicide crew! They look just like they did on the TV show, too. But happier. Now, get back to work. You still have to find the real killer of Luther Mahoney.

2:44: New police Commissioner Batts very supportive of team. Isn't he from Cali, though? At least he's learned the names of the players.

2:54: Ray Lewis to Baltimore Police Department: "There's no me without you." Discuss.