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Such a great week for Baltimore singles.  Some love from Zillow, a snugly snow day, and now this: Kiplinger's, a personal finance magazine, says Baltimore is the sixth best city to fly solo.


So what makes Charm City so charming for single people?  Here's what Kiplinger's says, "An inflated income can help you stay afloat in this waterfront city. With typical earnings coming in 27.1% higher than the national median, Baltimore residents should be able to handle the above-average living costs. With the extra room in your budge, you can afford all the good times offered by the city."

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, you're in Baltimore!

Apparently Baltimore is a great place to be single, at least according to real estate site Zillow.

The company analyzed the concentration of single people, amount of disposable income and the density of bars and restaurants to rank U.S. cities.

Baltimore came in eighth, ahead of Philly and Richmond.

The top three cities were all on the West Coast: San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

According to Zillow, more than 53 percent of Baltimoreans are single, the average rent is $1685 a month and the average resident has nearly $24,000 in disposable income.

Are you sure they're talking about our Baltimore and not Baltimore, Ohio?

Last time I checked, very few people had $24,000 in disposable income and many were living in poverty.

The rankings are based on metropolitan areas, not just the city proper, so they're taking into account the more affluent suburbs.

This ranking is even more of a shock, considering that none other than Cosmopolitan, that paragon of scientific veracity, named Baltimore one of the worst cities for single women last year.

Perhaps Baltimore is just a great place for single dudes.