Off Beat
(Barry J. Holmes)

Baltimore comedian Mike E. Winfield just scored a gig hosting a new weekly show on Fuse.

Winfield, an actor with a most-voluptuous Afro who last year had a recurring role on "The Office," will be the face of "Off Beat," a show that will highlight the week's funniest music-related videos.


It premiers at 10 p.m. Sept. 14.

There are 12 episodes of the show planned, which should take Winfield's primetime run through November.

Winfield, who now lives in Sacramento, made his television debut on "Late Show with David Letterman" in 2010. A semi-finalist on NBC's "Last Comic Standing," he tours the country regularly with a stand-up comedy act.

In an interview last year with Antithesis Comedy, Winfield said his most memorable performance was at the Baltimore Comedy Factory -- because his mother, who still lives in town, was in the audience.

"Well, she's only seen me a few times performing live, and I don't think she really ever believed that I was funny," he told the interviewer. "So I look up into the crowd and I see her, and she's crying. These are not tears of laughter, these are tears of joy, and love, and motherly stuff. On site of her crying, I begin to get emotional, during a joke that I'm telling about being the victim of domestic violence. I watched the video and I appeared really passionate about the situation at the time."