Sandy relief poster
(Randall A. Gornowich)

A Baltimore artist has designed a poster from photos he shot of storm-barricaded Fells Point doors to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey.

Randall Gornowich is calling the poster he's selling on Etsy "Hurricane Sandy Knocks." It's a grouping of 16 photographs, all of doors barricaded for last month's storm, that he captured as the hurricane blew through Baltimore on its way wreaking much greater havoc in New Jersey and New York.


"I couldn't imagine being stuck without having someone reach out," Gornowich says. "I know it's a humbling thing for people to be in distress. We're all fighters.  You don't want to reach out but at the same point, gosh knows if someone's there you don't say no."

Gornowich is best known in town for creating the original pink flamingo that adorned Cafe Hon in Hampden until 2009. A resident of southeast Baltimore, he went out to take pictures the day Sandy hit Baltimore. He says he wrapped his camera in plastic with only the lens sticking out. And that he had to wipe it off with his shirt after every few shots.

He's selling the posters for $80. His goal is to raise $10,000 for people in Hoboken, one of the hardest-hit parts of New Jersey.

People can buy posters on Gornowich's Etsy site.


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