Baltimore artist to raffle off her drawings at the Charles Theater

Baltimore artist to raffle off her drawings at the Charles Theater
(Carabella Sands)

Baltimore artist Carabella Sands is inspired by "mermaids, cats, decisions, force, loss, the vulnerability and power of nudity" and "smeared gender roles"

Or, what she calls, "the scary parts of fairy tales."

Sands' show of 271 drawings and a few paintings opens at 7:30 p.m. tonight at the Charles Theater.  You can take home one of Sands' original works at the show's closing party on April 30.  But here's the twist -- you can't pick which one.

Sands is selling $25 tickets for a raffle of sorts of her artwork.  She'll randomly award a drawing to each ticket holder at the closing party.
Sands spent 80 hours on some of the drawings.  Others she finished in an hour.  She draws on cardboard, napkins and fine artist papers.
Most of her artwork tells a story.
"I find it very hard to draw anything I can't see a whole story behind. Though there is a drawing of my old boot on the wall. And a couple abstract pieces," she said.
Sands said that she has been "hoarding" her work since she began seriously drawing about six years ago. 
"They were very alive for me and I could almost see the stories move before my eyes," she said.

Now she is selling some works to make way for new art.

"I really want clear out my mind and house to make room for more immersive forms of story telling," she said.