Mayor Cory Booker
(Getty Images)

Since news broke last night that Newark Mayor Cory Booker rushed into a burning home to save a woman, the Internet has exploded with Tweets.

"Cory Booker" is trending in Baltimore -- and pretty much everywhere.

The main meme is "#CoryBookerStories" where people jokingly try to top the reality of a mayor rushing into a fire to save a life.

Maryland Del. Keiffer Mitchell offered: The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don't need no water let the...oh, wait nevermind, @corybooker put it out.

Here are a few of the better Tweets:

Cory Booker isn't afraid of Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is afraid of Cory Booker. #CoryBookerStories

Corey once stopped a North Korean missile from going into orbit. #CoreyBookerStories

Mayor Booker is thinking he'll just dig the Christie-cancelled Hudson tunnel proj himself, but needs a free weekend #CoreyBookerStories

The N. Korean rocket didn't break up, it was swatted down by Corey Booker!!! #CoreyBookerStories

Corey Booker was the model for Capt Kirk even BEFORE he was born! #CoreyBookerStories

Knightly Cory Booker Would Save Thuggish Chris Christie From A Burning Building, Even Though It Would Break His Back #CoreyBookerStories

Not to be outdone by Cory Booker, Chris Christie just ran into a bakery and saved a tray of Cinnamon Rolls from burning.

One time I needed a kidney. Cory Booker instantly ripped out his own, handed it to me & flew away. #CoryBookerStories

Cory Booker taught Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger how to fly. #CoryBookerStories

Billy Joel didn't start the fire. But Cory Booker put it out. #CoryBookerStories

After the incident, Smoke was treated for Cory Booker exposure. #CoryBookerStories